Who is Evan Hawkey?

I’ve never really spent much time as an employee. I started earning cash for myself early on, selling flowers I picked from the garden by the road out the front of my family home as a kid. I registered my first business at the age of 20. I worked for myself and at a physiotherapy clinic and also at an osteopathy clinic. In my late twenties I moved onto studies in entrepreneurship, a degree course at RMIT. After completing half of it, I decided I was done and it was time to scale up my business.

I took my owner/operator business, Musclefix, and turned it into a proper company, building it up in two new locations with a team of staff. I grew the revenue from zero to over a quarter of a million dollars and increasing in just over two years. My massage company developed into a leading example in the Australian market, with strong recurring revenue and over 170 fresh leads and 110 new paying customers coming in every month.

It was around this time that I started helping out my friends and family in their businesses, or helped them to launch new ones. From there I got further educated on the world of business with a keen interest in online business, marketing and sales so I could effectively help more business owners. I learnt how to create high-priced products, programs and services. I studied lead generation, landing pages, revenue creation, Facebook advertising, webinars, opt-in forms, email sequencing, membership sites and heaps more.

I now work with all kinds of small to medium-sized businesses as diverse as health and fitness to food to construction and pure online businesses. My focus is on creating profit for you and creating marketing that can be measured and scaled up as much as you and your resources can handle.

Contact me. Let’s have a chat about your business.