Just Start!

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You can waste a lot of time with excessive planning and researching. Just make a start.

A lot of people wait “until a good time” or until they are “ready” to commit to a new project or venture. Guess what? It never happens.

I’m constantly starting things not knowing exactly where they’re going. What that means is that I have projects reaching fruition every week. I started on my film studio not knowing the final result. I started on this website not knowing exactly what pages and tabs I would be finished with.

I avoided analysis paralysis.
Be the artist who has a brilliant idea flash through his or her mind who heads straight to the sketch book, makes a quick draft then starts moulding and working the sculpture straight away. I bet you have a decent draft written or solid idea in your head for something you want to do. Build it and launch it now in whatever form it’s in then improve it as you go. And don’t build it up in your head to be a bigger task than it is! So many things aren’t as big/complicated/time consuming as you thought them to be.

Get your website up now with just one page or 3 simple pages then add more later if needed. Throw up a 15 second video then improve it with a fancy version later. Start now, because the only good plans are the ones implemented.

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