Revenue Strategy

I met with Dave from Rock Solid Personal Training at his gym and brainstormed how he could bring in more income and leverage his time. We discussed the pros and cons of different types of training and payment arrangements with his clients.

“I can vouch 100% for Evan. His consulting and assistance in the launching of a new 12 week group training challenge has literally doubled my business with no fuss. Get in touch with Evan asap”

I learnt that he was doing one-on-one and group training. The group training was a great way for him to offer an affordable alternative and leverage his time at a good rate but mode of training had room for improvement. Cancellations (with adequate notice) would mean lost revenue and occasionally running sessions with only a few people in them. To combat this and generate consistent revenue and bring in more clients, we formulated a plan to run a challenge.

The challenge would go for 12 weeks and consist of morning and evening session times and days that were fixed for the period. People would sign up to make a big change to their bodies and their lives over 12 weeks and commit to a weekly direct debit to secure a spot. In this instance, group training participants were no longer purchasing packs of 10 (then sometimes cancelling with notice leaving Dave underutilised and under-earning), they were paying to be part of something that ran on a schedule and would happen if they could make it to each session or not. Sessions would run at their scheduled times with all available spots paid for.

Lead Generation

Creation of a landing page with details and opt-in form for the challenge. Integration with Mailchimp list and leads directed to Dave’s inbox for quick follow up. Facebook ad with precise targeting.

The result

20 leads (full names, email, phone number and time preference) with a sale potential of $16,560.00. 14 out of 16 spaces were filled.

Rock Solid PT has since moved onto a second challenge and has increased capacity to 20 spaces, with only 3 spots still available at the time of writing.

The pages and system I setup for Dave can now be managed by him and re-advertised anytime he likes.

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